FLIKKER is the first short film written, directed, and starring Reid Miller. This experimental film is a collaboration with cinematographer and fellow actor Danny Irizarry and composer Derrick Dymalski with production design and production by Megan Ford Miller.

FLIKKER has finished it's festival run and we are very excited at how it was received and is now available on AMAZON

Logline: A boy finds himself stalked and tormented by a malevolent force who has seemingly bigger plans for him. But is this entity real, or merely in his mind?

Synopsis (short): Anxiety, paranoia, and loneliness haunt a disturbed young man as an onslaught of seemingly supernatural events begin to occur. As these events continually escalate, he’s left questioning his sanity and what it means to be him in this continually changing world.

Danny Irizarry was born in Quito, Ecuador, as Joseph Daniel Irizarry, Jr., to American parents living abroad. His paternal grandfather was Puerto Rican, and his maternal grandmother was Czech. His first film role was in the student short, Moved by Love, directed by family friend and Biola student Elisa Logan. This led to a brief role in her next film, The Cure, and confirmed his desire to pursue acting professionally. His first TV role was as Colin Blake, the misunderstood swim-team student and abuse/murder victim in season 3 of Chicago P.D. He followed up with lead roles in films from various Chicago-area film schools, as well as the feature Don't Run (originally titled The Monster Under My Bed), and the pilots for The Florist and Gone.

Derrick Dymalski has performed at Carnegie Hall, played with jazz greats such as David Sandborn, Randy Brecker, Jon Faddis, Lew Tabackin, Toshiko Akiyoshi, and Gordon Goodwin, and toured multiple times internationally. He has received several Downbeat awards from acclaimed Downbeat magazine. His passion for music shines through in his high-spirited show “I Can’t Believe My Eyes.” Derrick plays the saxophone, clarinet, flute, piano, electric bass, sings, and writes original compositions. He tours frequently with his band, World Peace Ensemble. 

Los Angeles based actor Reid Miller born in Chattanooga, TN. Then moving to Texas in the 2nd grade, he had an undeniable love for movies. But not just movies, the stories, actors, the behind the scenes, He loved the industry and knew that's where he was meant to be. Reid has been in many network shows, and has 2 movies coming out in 2018. 
His experience at Sundance 2018 as the lead in WYRM a Grand Jury Award Nominee only fueled his motivation to get a film under his belt and FLIKKER is a direct result of that. 
Reid has written many shorts and recently has completed  filming his 1st feature-length film,  he is a skilled martial artist and hand to hand fighter with specialties in weapons, this film will highlight his fighting skills.

Megan Ford Miller


Megan was accepted into Cincinnati’s School for the Creative and Performing Arts at age of 9, later majoring in acting and voice, and minoring in ballet, modern jazz, and art concepts. She has been in countless musical theater, dance, and TV performances, as well modeled for print. As a tactile artist her work has been shown all over the southeastern U.S. As a designer she uses mixed media art and photography to create sets for small stage performances, while focusing on the big picture. She’s known for taking what may just be a good idea and turning it into a living breathing reality from concept to finish. Megan jumped back into the entertainment industry in 2013 to support her son Reid Miller in any capacity she could, along with the support of her husband Shawn.