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Reid as Marty in

Marty A Wildwest Neverland

Reid as 

Frank Underwood in

Playhouse Of Cards

Winner Best Scripted Series by The Television Academy College Emmy's 2016

"You can't wait for things to happen, you have to fight for what you want."

I love being an actor and being on set, but I am also a regular teenager. I have many interests like skateboarding, writing, martial arts, parkour, robots, anime, drawing, science, and I love animals. My love of superheroes keeps me anxiously awaiting each new movie or series.

I have my own ideas, I am always doing research for my writing projects. I have written several shorts and web series and recently completed my first feature-length screenplay.

Most of all I love hanging out with my friends. To have people around me that love the things I love, that have similar dreams and aspirations in common... There is nothing better 

~ Reid